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Buy iLife, Support Apple?

Shawn writes in this entry that he doesn't intend to buy iLife. Why? Because he only uses iTunes and iPhoto. I'm going to buy iLife... but I use iDVD (not so much iMovie, since I've got Final Cut Pro). In fact, my project this weekend was going to be to archive some West Wing episodes to DVD. Maybe next week…

I've never "supported Apple" for the sheer sake of "supporting Apple." They're a company - they want my money. I love their products, and I buy what I need. QuickTime 6? $30? That's less than half an hour at my billing rate. Did I buy it? You bet. iLife? Less than an hour - how can I not justify these purchases? That's cheap.

I've got four copies of Jaguar, but I gave two away and I own two machines. I bought them because I didn't want to wait for my two free copies - that $129 to be an "early adopter" was just that: to be an early adopter, not "to support Apple." I wanted Jaguar on my machines from day one (the seeds I had installed didn't quite satiate me - I like the CDs! :-D)

It's not that I question the sanity of anyone who wants to "support" a company… but can't you find a better reason than that, like "I might some day use iDVD, and it's worth having around so I don't have to go to a store to buy it, and hope they have it in stock, or wait 3-5 days to get it from the online store."?

One Response to "Buy iLife, Support Apple?"

  1. Quicktime is a wonderful product, one of my first software purchases when I switched to Mac full-time. Which is odd, because the Windows version is not as slick so I was never a big fan of quicktime until I realized how awesome it intergrates into the Mac world.