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Expensive Computers

Anyone complaining about the cost of a computer these days needs to realize we've come a long way:

Released in March 1990, The Mac IIfx was the fastest Mac ever built at the time. It sold for $10,000 - $12,000, depending on configuration.

The computer I want always costs about $3,000-$3,500, whether it's a laptop or a desktop.

8 Responses to "Expensive Computers"

  1. i like having computers that are so expensive. it ensures the quality of th ecomputers i mean computers are not that expensive


  2. i would like a 10 000 dollar computer, 4.5 ghz, 200 gb, for multimedia

  3. all them computers sucks. I have a fanless, fully water cooled system, 3.6 quad cpu 2 psu, and 1 TB hd space

  4. the best pcs you can buy. thats where you get the fanless fully water cooled system.. diamond series is sexy. custom built for your everyneed. check it out.

  5. Can't you peeps give real expensive computers like between 546,450.000 - 754,470.37 i'm just necause i haven't checked out your website yet

  6. haison i am getting a computer for only $700 but it will have 250gb internal hard drive and comes with a 320gb external hard drive... it doesnt have to be expensive to be good

  7. You're all idiots, it's not about the price, it's about the capacity, power and speed.


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