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Super Bowl? Yawwwn.

The Steelers aren't playing in today's game, so I don't really feel like watching. I've got a date and I'm going to go eat steak (is that a bad first date thing to do?), then probably come back and watch a movie or something. I've been talking to this gal for awhile now, so, don't think I've got some swank "hey, baby, wanna head back to my place" thing planned. It's not my style, and I couldn't pull it off if I wanted to.

Progress on Bookie is proceeding. I'll mention it probably tomorow or Tuesday. Then Brad and I are working on another "mystery product." Regular readers of my blog might be able to guess what it is…

I saw that an Apple Store opened in Houston or something, and it's freaky how similar all the stores look. I know that's on purpose, but man… it's still freaky. The pictures looked like the ones I took from the Wellington store. I'm not the biggest fan of the 30' stores - the 45' stores are so much nicer, and have a theater - but I'll take what I can get, I guess. Hmm, speaking of taking what you can get, I've gotta chill some booze for later tonight. Hee hee hee. 😉 (Again, just joking.)