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Dating and More of the Same

I had the same dinner last night that I always have at Outback. In fact, I've never ordered anything but the same food at the Outback: the Melbourne, rare, baked potato with tons of butter and bacon, and cinnamon apples instead of the salad. Sometimes I get wings, bacon cheese fries, or a drink.

This morning I had my standard bagel (well, two) from Einstein (don't visit their site, it's horrid). Put some butter on top, ate it. I'm drinking a Cherry Coke, but the only real way I mix that up is with vanilla or regular Coke - it's been years since I had a - blech - Pepsi.

I wear roughly the same clothes every day. The same kind of clothes, anyway. I haven't changed my hair cut since I was born, except to put in those stupid MC Hammer "steps" one year. My interests have changed, though they've always been focused on activity (sports) and science. I've only ever lived in two places.

I'm hoping to get the chance to date Kim soon, and she's someone who, at this point, I find fascinating. She's been all around the world, she's lived in a variety of cities, she's done things I've never even come close to (showing horses). Plus, she's a brunette, works in sports marketing, and is an athletic type of gal herself.

Given my proclivity for "the same" am I going to be too boring? Are all of my questions about her life going to be annoying? It's not that I won't do something different - it's just that I'm not as likely to do it for myself as other people. I like my bagels: why change? Kim and I have gotten along quite well so far, but the issue of physical attraction remains to be explored, too…. I've done a lot of things in my life too: ran a magazine, published in a few others, edited a book, work for myself, started a little company, blah blah.

Guess I'll just have to cross my fingers. Gabe says dating is a numbers game. I guess I'll see.