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Men Who Don’t Grok Football

It's tough for me to conceive of US males who don't understand football. However, it seems that these strange mutants do, in fact, exist. If they don't understand football, can they understand hockey? Baseball? Every sport has complex rules; the complex ones are only, at most 10% of the calls. 90% of the calls are simple. Holding? Easy. Pass interference? Simple.

My mom understands the rules of football, as does my dad (my mom's the bigger fan). And now there are men who don't? Men from the US? Non-gay men from the US? Aaaarrrrggghhhh! Civilization is crumbling! I mean, I don't care about cars, but I know how they work and what the parts do, their names, etc. I even understand how cricket works, and I'm not British. Okay, I'll shut up now.

One Response to "Men Who Don’t Grok Football"

  1. Nurb... Hope you enjoyed that Smirnoff Ice. You know there's got to be some love when a Rican like me who can't drink and doesn't know a damn thing about football comes over to hang with the guys and watch the Steelers game. Post THAT in you l'il blog, hehe. Take care, meng.