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More Tabbed Safari Mockups

Still looking for some more tabbed Safari mockups? Check out this page, then, to get your Monday fix.

Some nitpicks: if you're going to go through all the trouble of putting together a mockup, why use the same site thumbnail? Why not hit, gee, five sites and get different thumbnails? I mean, c'mon, "web page" may be an acceptable title 12 times over, but who will ever have that? Their presentation suffers from a task which would have added, oh, five minutes to their Photoshop work.

Frankly, I see some other problems with this approach. They suggest that the "New" and "Close" commands be mapped to pages instead of the window itself. While that's all well and good, I think it's important to remember one thing: only the geeks want tabbed browsing. I'm included, but to my mom, having one program - on a Mac renowned for UI consistency - play tricks with cmd-N and cmd-W, two of the most established keyboard shortcuts on the Mac - would be sacrilege.

Unless the Safari team can come up with a real solution here, satisfying the 5-10% (geeks) with tabbed browsing must be pushed aside in favor of keeping things usable for the majority of users (the proverbial "my mom"s of the world). Simply put, this site's proposition fails the mom test.

There have been other (better) tabbed browsing ideas. If we're to get tabbed browsing - and I'm not entirely sure that we should, then they'd better do it right. Historically, pleasing both the geeks and the moms of the world has been tough.

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