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12 People Use Opera?

According to Chuq (this is sarcasm: deal with it), twelve whole people use Opera for the Mac! Surely he must be including the developers themselves, as well as their significant others. And their pets.

The reality: Opera is threatening to leave the Mac. Y'know what? Fine. Like Chuq says, they had two years to produce a good browser. They haven't. Opera feels clunky. Which reminds me… just why are those iCab people sticking it out? Do they have some kind of ace up their sleeve? They're hardly a big player.

Then again, at least I can name people who use iCab.

3 Responses to "12 People Use Opera?"

  1. You CAN? Wow.

    <voice name="James Earl Jones">Impressive.</voice>

  2. I used to use iCab before Mac OS X, but then it took them too long to port it (I already had switched to OW), and the early ports were very flaky.

  3. I still use iCab because of the smiley face. It's convienent to check validity of HTML rather than going to W3's Validator: