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New Macs, Same Conversation

Apple today released (quite silently) new Macs, huge discounts on LCDs (chopping $3499 to $1999!), and a few other things here and there. Slashdot, of course, covered the news, and the ensuing conversation can be summed up as follows:

Anonymous Coward: Macs suck
Anonymous Coward: You suck
l33tD00dz: I want one
Anonymous Coward: all your lcd price drops are belong to us
Horny Chimp: RISC is better than CISC because (long semi-technical briefing ensues)
Anonymous Coward: so what? PCs are cheaper.
Me: :: click :: (the sound of me closing the browser window)

By my count, this is the 3,235,764th time this conversation has been held on Slashdot.

2 Responses to "New Macs, Same Conversation"

  1. the slashdot effect...

    nslog(); hits the nail on the head on exactly what slashdot has become unusable. Best thing that happened to that

  2. Slashdork

    Erik J. Barzeski has a bit of a rant about the absurd behavior of people on Slashdot. In particular, the