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You Can’t Lose Much to This Bookie

bookieicon.gifThe most you can lose to this Bookie is $8. Pursuant to a quick conversation some people had on this site, Bookie is a Rendezvous bookmark application.

This is my blog, and I don't feel like being all preachy here, nor do I want to sell ice cream cones to eskimos or anything, so I'll leave you to investigate it if you want. I will say one more thing: even if you only have one Mac, it's still fairly useful as a global bookmark menu that opens bookmarks from one browser in whatever your default browser is at the moment.

Oh, and if you're a PC developer and want to talk about working with us on the x-plat version, lemme know.

3 Responses to "You Can’t Lose Much to This Bookie"

  1. unsurprisingly brilliant.

  2. Everything goes in circles.. you know what everyone's original "hompages" were? (circa 93?) Just a page you made with a list of links you liked to visit. Everyone had them. Obviously since they were on the web, they were available everywhere.

    No "rendezvous" needed.

    Still, useful.

  3. Good point, Ben. I keep a semi-hidden links page on my personal website so that I always have quick access to my favourite/frequently used pages. It's great because I can use it at home, work, and all over.