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Fake Millionaires and their Fetishes

sarahkozer.jpgMonday night, Joe Faux, err, Millionaire took Sarah Kozer on a date. The date seemingly went well, as upon their return to the chateaux, they snuck off into the woods. Fox couldn't get a camera to them, so they filled air time with night shots of a forest and dubbed over words for the sounds Joe and Sarah were making. It was the funniest part of the show to date:

Huh huh hee hee. Ahhh… Mwah… Uhhh… Mwah… Mmmmm… Ha ha ha ha …think it'll go better laying down? Ahhh… Shhhh… Ahhh… Shhh… (Slurp) Shhh… (Slurb) Umh… (Slur) Mmmmm… (Gulp) Ahhh… (Slurp) (Smack) Umh… (Smack) Umh… (Smack) Huh Huh Ha He. Scandal.

And afterwards…
Joe: "after we, y'know, had time to sit there and kiss a little bit it became a lot more comfortable.
Sarah: "Definitely more exercise than I've had in a month."

This news alone is fairly funny, but then it surfaces that Sarah, like Survivor winner Brian, has been in "illicit" movies: get the scoop at The Smoking Gun. Interesting…