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Are Women Actually This Silly?

sst500.jpgI think calling them "silly" is being nice. Any woman caught with this phone (seen at right) should be shot.

The phone, a Samsung T500, has a rhinestone encrusted external display (with a little digital clock with hands), a 65,000 color internal display that can double as a mirror at the press of a button, and software for calorie counting.

6 Responses to "Are Women Actually This Silly?"

  1. And a gold plated and diamond encrusted is better? Please, vanity knows no bounds. Nor does avarice.

  2. I'm not sure many women would really like this phone. I forwarded the link to a friend of mine and she said that it was obviously designed by a Man for a Woman, as if it were designed by a Woman, it would also vibrate...

    Speaking of cell phones - Yahoo had a photo and small blurb about cell phones. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  3. I would LOVE this phone! Really. It is such a mockery of exaggerated femininity. My usual style runs to restrained tailored clothing, blazers and jackets, skirts, trousers, suits, or for every day, Eddie Bauer or J. Jill. Now can you imagine a professional woman taking this thing out of a Coach bag? What a giggle! I think the phone was designed as a joke. Is it actually any more absurd than some extreme breast implants we've seen?

    'Ailie' Cameron

  4. your all a bunch of fags. who the hell cares its a friggin phone, stop thinking about sex and stop sucking each other off

  5. your name is captain orgazmo, and we're the ones thinking about sex? What the hell is your problem, "it's just a phone". Why are we fags all of the sudden because we commented on a damn phone? How about this to you. You're such a fag, it's just a paragraph on phones. Damn some people have some problems...

  6. What is so bad about this phone? I personally like it, and probably I'll buy one. Red would be perfect. Or pink? What is your problem? We all have our weaknesses: my brother will pay $1.000.000 for i-dont-know-what-car, my father is always looking for a cake, my mom bought strivectin hopping the lines will vanish..., we all want something special. don't you think so?