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A Gaming Day

gameboy_advance_sp.jpgToday was a gaming day. I bought Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the PS2 and found the game frustrating and annoying. I keep crouching when I mean to run, and I find it hard as hell to hit anyone with the guns. I bought NHL2K3 for the GameCube, and man has this game gotten worse since NHL2K for the Dreamcast. What happened here guys? Ugh.

I pre-ordered the next Zelda game. I really should give some more time to the current Mario game (Sunshine) I've got, but I just haven't had the time. The NFL season is over, though, and I haven't played Tiger Woods in awhile. I also pre-ordered a GameBoy Advance SP (seen at right), and damn if that thing doesn't look like a PowerBook, eh?

I'm currently trying to find a buyer for my TiBook 500 (768 MB RAM, 30 GB disk, CD/DVD, practically brand new) to fund a Developer-Priced 12" AlBook (or whatever they're calling them). Do the keys light up on those? I suppose that doesn't matter much. I also have the Dr. Bott aluminum briefcase for the 15" TiBook… any takers?

P.S. I've listed my PowerBook on eBay.

2 Responses to "A Gaming Day"

  1. Extended Play had a preview of Zelda today. I want. Looks like its finally time I bought a Game Cube.

    The 12" AlBook's keys do not light up. They're a silver coloured keys with the lettering painted on. Anyone want to buy my iBook so I can get one too? =)

  2. Mine is in the shipping pipeline. I figured I've drooled enough over the one at work (apple store) so I better get my own. Now to find a happy home for my pismo, eh?