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I Emphasize the “My” in “My iTunes”

A while back ago Matt posted an entry in response to my My iTunes entry. In essence, he said "Who cares? Why not tell us something real about yourself?" I responded thusly:

For what it's worth, the "My iTunes" thing was more about my desire to play with the technology. About my desire to learn how to set up scp without a password via a private/public key pair, and so on.

I don't expect people to care what I'm listening to (and though some of my music is Top 40, most isn't). I, however, do care. My blog - like many people's blogs - aren't necessarily about "other people." I sometimes blog something for my own "cataloging and archiving" or my own enjoyment. Part of the reason I began blogging, in fact, is so that I don't have to have the same discussion (usually on Mac-related topics, or whatever's on my mind that day) with ten or fifteen people. I can just direct people at my site, and then we can discuss things at a deeper level, or other topics altogether.

So the "my iTunes" thing, again for clarification as I don't take any offense from what you've written, is mostly a selfish thing for myself. But even if not, well, sometimes a song choice (and its rating) can tell you a lot about a person. I've got a whole lot of Rush, but none of it's rated highly. I've got everything by Shania Twain, and it's all rated highly. So, while I think some of your points are well-made, I'd actually contend that "what I'm listening to" tells me (and other people, if they care to look) more about myself than what I'm wearing.

So the iTunes tracks are still on the site. I've directed a few people there, but in general, it's served to amuse me even though I've been so far unsuccessful in automatically launching ssh-agent at startup and editing ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist to contain the proper information. Vinay mentioned to me he's been unable to do so either, so I may give up soon. Anyway, it's for me. I'm glad other people like "me" or the parts of "me" that I put on this site. And if Britney Spears happens to be playing when you visit, I more than welcome an email lambasting my shitty taste in music :-).

In that vein, and for my own sake, I wanted to list the television shows I'm currently watching. Why? Because I noticed that even smart people are watching shows like American Idol or Joe Millionaire and that the Chimera Quasi-Quitter guy listed Fastlane as a "guilty pleasure."

So here, for my sake, Matt (hee hee), is a list of television I'm currently (well, not at this moment, but you know what I mean) watching. In no particular order whatsoever.

Fastlane - It's got action. It's got hot babes. It's got fast cuts and an attractive visual style. It's hip. It's funny. It's the Miami Vice on speed that's been missing from television for a few years.

West Wing - Probably my favorite show, West Wing dialogue is so fast and witty that I often rewind to hear it again. It's masterful. A bit heavy handed at times on the politics, but then again it's got to be or wouldn't be realistic. A great cast, a great story every week. I'm watching Mr. Sterling too now for some more "politickles" - last night's episode was very well done.

Ed - A great lead in to West Wing, with quirky characters and a less serious but nearly equally frenetic pace of dialogue. Ed is a funny show, simply put, and even though you may not always relate to the characters you find yourself wishing you lived in Stuckeyville.

Boston Public - My mother is a teacher, so this show takes on a different meaning for me I suppose. Too many times teachers are blamed for the ills of children when I'd more likely blame parenting. This one's falling in my personal ratings, as most David Kelley shows do after a season or two. He just seems to run out of ideas, and the characters become flat. Very defined, but flat.

Good Morning Miami - A geeky guy who likes a girl but can't bring himself to do anything about it? Yeah, that's me. I'd rather not relate to that character, but oh well. Besides, Ashley Williams (Dylan) is gorgeous (on TV anyway).

Scrubs - Gotta get my dose of comedy, and Scrubs is a good show for this. It's got the replacement Becky from Roseanne and a good cast. Everyone's totally locked into a certain stereotype, but they've remained funny for a year or two, so I'll ride it out as long as it stays that way. High five, Todd!

CSI - The science may be… exaggerated… in parts, but overall, I find the show to be an interesting run with enough brevity to keep it from being dull. CSI Miami, which I also watch simply because it's close by and the science still exists, unfortunately has David Caruso, who I consider to be one of the worst actors on network television right now. And that's saying a lot.

A more proper "About Me" post and a disclaimer (yay :-P) are coming shortly. I think. I hope.

One Response to "I Emphasize the “My” in “My iTunes”"

  1. RE: "...automatically launching ssh-agent at startup..."

    Have you tried using SSH Agent? It's here. It's worked flawlessly for me.