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iMovie 3

Today I hooked my TiVo up to my DV camera (a Sony DSR PD-150) with stereo and s-video cables, and from there via Firewire into my Mac. This allowed me to record live TV (or actually, a program I had recorded on my TiVo). I used iMovie 3, and the best darn thing about it being in a window and not full-screen was that I could do other things. I checked my email, I read some PDFs, and in fact I'm typing this while it's finishing up the recording. I even minimized iMovie while it was importing (capturing).

I often use iMovie as a quick "just capture the damn video" app (video is later used in Final Cut Pro). The one button "Import" is awesome. The fact that I can switch apps, hold down menus, move windows, launch apps, etc. without interrupting the capture at all is just one of the many reasons I like Mac OS X more than 9 and now iMovie 3 more than ever.

2 Responses to "iMovie 3"

  1. PIRATE!!!


  2. iMovie 3 is pretty awesome. I posted the other day about how it allowed me to capture video from my TiVo flawlessly, not dropping a frame while I checked email, launched applications, and otherwise went about my normal work day....