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Shortly after my pixellated naked woman entry (see below, or today's archive, or whatever), Nick mocks a silly thing you often see in "crime investigator" shows: the ability to "blow up and enhance" still frames of video. Guess what, folks? The resolution of the film is the resolution you get. It doesn't get any better.

One question that popped into my head last night: why must every CSI and CSI: Miami involve dead people. Am I wrong, or do crime scene investigators apply science to solve bank robberies and other criminal acts (that don't necessarily involve murder)?

2 Responses to "CSI"

  1. Well, obviously it's because dead people provide the best excuse for magical image enhancement technology!


  2. On Monday's CSI: Miami, which I watched last night after fishing in southern Miami, Horatio Caine and his team tracked down a crocodile that had...