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Pragmatic Dave Not so Right?

Seems Pragmatic Dave needs to be a bit more diligent in his research. He says that turning on bold fonts in the terminal takes over the CPU and "ls -l /usr/bin hogs the machine for achingly long seconds."


One Response to "Pragmatic Dave Not so Right?"

  1. Hi,

    at first I was fasinated about im3 as well-great zoom function, window, and so on.

    Well, now! Until I finished a 2 hour long show on the bloody thing. Having saved the file, then emptying the trash, it wouldn't finish, so after about 15 min I forced quit it.

    It will not let me open my file anymore (about 20 h) work. The error message it brings up... couldn't find language resource file.

    What the hell? Tried to open it from within imovie...won't even open it, or 'file not redeable'.

    I tried reinstalling im3, didnt make difference.

    However, I still have the quick time movie, that im3 seams to create automatically, however this only refers to the media of the document. and of course, to import the qtime into a new imovie doc i don't have enough hd space! To be honest, I am in despair, not knowing what to do, having to get this f***ing movie finished and not wanting to do it all over again, maybe Ill just have to buy a 60 GB hardrive in town tomorrow.

    If any kind of idea pops into your head, I would be more than greatful...

    Thanks for reading,

    best regards mike