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Another Safari Feature

Here's another Safari feature I'd like to see: regard open windows as something more sacred than they're currently regarded. In other words, if I have four browser windows minimized (perhaps sites I forgot about for the past 20 minutes while I worked on something else, or visited other sites), and I hit command-Q, I should be prompted "Are you sure, dummy? You've still got five windows open."

Furthermore, if Safari crashes (and additionally when I quit with open windows), I'd like the option to have those windows automatically restored when I launch Safari next.

None of this would be such a big deal if there weren't sites out there that could flat out cause Safari to crash. And if the DNS resolution worked properly. One time yesterday I had to quit Safari because it couldn't "go" anywhere. Everything else on my computer (ping, traceroute, other browsers, email, AIM) could see and resolve and get to remote hosts of all types, but Safari couldn't. I quit, I relaunched, things "magically" worked. There's a big bug in there somewhere.

One Response to "Another Safari Feature"

  1. Add an "Are you sure?" nag? Please, no!

    In every Mac app, Command+Q = QUIT RIGHT NOW -- unless you have unsaved work. It's a good thing in stable apps; part of the philosophy of How Things Should Be, which is observed by all Mac apps.

    It's bad news with apps crash, though. I'll give you that.

    Fortunately, Safari provides easy access to the History in Bookmarks view. When Safari crashes (or I hit Command+Q when I was reaching for Command+Tab) I can relaunch and find the not-yet-read pages in the history.

    That being said, I understand your frustration. When using tabs in Chimera, I have a bad habit of closing the window before reading one or more tabs. Muscle memory leads me to click the red Skittle to close the window when I'm done reading one page, banishing others to oblivion before I'm done with them.