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Encoding DVDs

I see this in top when encoding DVDs (specifically: when waiting for the Status to indicate that the Encoder is done creating an MPEG-2 movie):

3282 EncoderSer 101.5%  5:28.78   9   128   222  13.4M+ 7.11M  18.2M+  136M+
3281 TNSPosterS   0.0%  0:00.83   3    52   137   852K  5.82M  2.94M   113M
3280 TNSVideoSe   0.0%  0:00.35   3    48    60   496K  1.65M  1.89M  81.0M
3279 TNSImageSe   0.0%  0:00.40   3    48    62   472K  1.65M  1.88M  81.0M

I'm mostly blogging this so I can remember to look up what "TNS" means tomorrow. "Encoder" makes sense. TNS I don't know…

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