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Say Something ‘Bout Safari

Now is your chance to say something about Safari with perhaps the best chance to influence its development, UI, and eventual outcome. David Hyatt is soliciting ideas.

My own list, off the top of my head:

  • Better cookie management
  • Something "better" than "Tabbed Browsing," but not until the 1.5 or 2.0 release
  • No jack of all trades" features
  • Integration with syndication aggregators.
  • Ability to search other sites or things (like my bookmarks) with the search box
  • Persistent spell-checking in all text boxes
  • Drag and drop of text
  • A timeout longer than 30 seconds
  • Great CSS and DOM support - do this first, then build some UI fluff on top of that, but start with the best browser
  • Shania Twain
  • Better KeyChain integration (more like Safari and Omn's) with some "form filling" features
  • Support for "title" attribute with a little floating yellow box
  • Display image dimensions when viewing JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs, etc.
  • Uhhh… cut me some slack, it's nearly 2am 🙂

Good luck David. This will be interesting to watch, but you asked for it… 😐

P.S. Some items stricken and one quick edit made on June 29, 2004. Safari 1.2 includes the stricken features.

6 Responses to "Say Something ‘Bout Safari"

  1. Hello!

    I am really enthusiastic when with the turning which the development of Safari takes!. It is a navigator who seems to be very promising and a breath of fresh air too. Anyway, when you recieve a mail, sometimes it contain a web link. A thing that I would like to see is the possibility of bookmarked a web address (example: from mail application directly to Safari with just a click and without the need to open Safari. Like we could do with netscape.In fact, i would like that mail and safari comunicate almost like it was an only application. Thank you very much with you all which worked so hard to improve safari. Good luck.

  2. I really don't understand the anti-RSS integration atmosphere out there. Adding RSS is not like adding usenet or email handling capabilities. Those are separate activities, demanding separate apps running on different ports. RSS is just another way of looking at the same web sites you already have bookmarked. It's all on port 80. Apple already uses XML for bookmarks - the bookmarks manager could easily be modified to let you drill down into individual stories on a site. I'm at a loss to understand the reluctance to go there

    Dimes to dollars all browsers are going to integrate RSS in the near future. Apple may as well be on the vanguard again.

  3. NetNewsWire does RSS better than Safari probably would or could in its first few releases. I'm opposed to having a "jack of all trades" "iWeb" browser. I want Apple to concentrate on delivering the best browser. And just the best browser.

    And before you say "RSS is part of the Web now too," well, in some cases it is not. Sometimes RSS is the only way information is distributed.

    The Unix methodology has always been to develop small tools that do one task but do it extremely well. Apple would do well to take that approach with Safari. Heck, man, it doesn't even do FTP browsing, handing that off to the Finder. Don't you think they'd add FTP browsing into the browser before RSS aggregation?

    I'm hoping for some Safari -> Aggregator features. I'm not hoping for "iWeb."

  4. As for searching bookmarks, you can search them with the find command if the bookmarks manager is open.

  5. I recently found that issue with the tooltip not working (yellow tag) in Safari, and I also noticed that the browser doesn't support onresize= events yet. As for the DOM, I don't think it works 90% of the time in most browsers anyway. It can't pull values put into stylesheets (only knows direct style calls in most browsers) and that makes it useless to me. I'd rather use the 'direct' attributes for my divs, such as 'offsetHeight' and other non-'style' items.

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