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A Woman’s Walk

I walked over to Gabe's today to drop off my rock climbing harness so that he could do some comparison shopping. I saw a woman walking across the thought occurred to me that she was an athletic woman. I even caught myself thinking, not terribly seriously, "25% chance she's a butch." Why?

Mostly because she hopped over a corner of grass. In other words, dainty women don't hop over a corner of grass at sidewalk intersections. As I thought about it more, and more of the women I know well, and how they walk, it struck me that a woman's walk may be the single best indicator of her personality type.

I'll reflect more on this in the coming days. If nothing else, it serves as a great reason to stare at more women's legs and asses. 😀

2 Responses to "A Woman’s Walk"

  1. What you don't know about women would fill a football stadium.

    A woman can be both dainty and athletic. The two aren't mutually exclusive. Ballerinas are a perfect example of women who are both. What you were observing when that woman jumped over that bit of grass was most likely an expression of emotion of a type that was once considered 'unfeminine'. ('Ailie, settle down right now and act like a lady!) Perhaps she was just feeling especially good that day. Perhaps she just received the call that informed her that the lump wasn't malignant. Or perhaps her divorce became final. 🙂 Perhaps she is an exuberant type. When my son was accepted at the top university, I leap-frogged over a rubbish bin. When the grant was renewed, I did bloody cartwheels down the entire length of the main hall because it meant that I, and the six researchers who work under my grant, would be able to get on with our work. I was that relieved to know we all would have an income.

    My maternal instincts make me a bit of a mother hen to my friends and colleagues. Am I feminine? I am a size 6 (American), dinky and wee... dainty. I love silk and pearls, and I buy them myself. I'm more interested in thoughtfulness than in tribute.

    I'm a wee bit older than you so I'll give you a bit of advice. Real women don't need exaggerated femininity. And real men don't look for it. You're still young and you're learning, so I'm not putting you down. Sorting it all out takes time.

    'Ailie' Cameron

  2. I've actually known quite a few dancers. A gal I've spent some time with lately is one, my neighbor and friend of seven (eek!) years is one, etc. I've known all kinds of women, and believe me when I say that I realize mood is a big factor in everything they do, think, say, etc. More so than with guys anyway.

    Was this women not athletic? Was I wrong? It turns out I wasn't - I saw her playing tennis a few weeks later. Could I have been wrong? Yep. But having watched the walking of several women I know quite well lately, since this post, I'm still sticking to my very generalized thought: that a woman's walk might say more about her personality than any other outward factor, perhaps even including how she dresses (I've known far too many intelligent slobs and far too many dumb prisses - and vice versa - to realize that).

    But thanks for your comments. I appreciate it. I assure you, though, I'm far from being one to judge a book by its cover - or its walk. Until then, I'll assume that every woman is unique… just like everyone else. 😉