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No Bush

nobush.jpgThere's something ironic about 30 naked women spelling out "no bush." Oh, that bush. Gotcha. From a story on Yahoo.

Look at a Playboy from ten years ago, and look at one now. Look at the decreasing amount of pubic hair on "today's woman" versus "the one of yesterdecade." The benefits of going hairless or at least trimming are plentifold (is that a word?): greater sensitivity, less irritation (though depending on the hair removal method, perhaps not), a "cleaner" and thus "sexier" appearance, and so on.

It's been the topic of a Sex and the City, I think. It's obviously one of the more intimate things a woman can do. They have bikini waxes, they go to gynecologists… and yet guys still make jokes when they're asked to turn their head to the side and cough.

Any other thoughts or ideas I have on the subject are just a bit too personal to post here. But I couldn't resist making the joke. I mean, c'mon… 30 naked women spelling out "no bush"? In snow? Tee hee hee.

3 Responses to "No Bush"

  1. Well, it must be a statement about personal hygiene (and not a political one) otherwise they would have used a capital 'b' in "bush".

  2. Bush needs some major mental help. He's got problems in that pea sized brain of his. His head is full of hot air. I aint never said this thoughO:-) You know what I meen don't y'all?

  3. Whats the big deal. Women shave everything else, why not the vag. I personally love it. I look at a hairy vag the same way I look at hair pits on a woman.