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PBZone: Decency? What’s That?

Adam posts a story about an Apple Store employee in North Carolina who was fired for ostensibly accidentally posting screenshots of internal tools to his personal, public Web site. While I in no way believe that he was in the right to do so, and while I in no way believe that Apple was anything less than fair and just in firing him for doing so, I do believe that PBZone could have applied a little decency and told the gent that perhaps he was making a mistake.

Upon discussing "PBZone" with others, it's come to light that this "organization" is not terribly well liked in the Mac community. I won't name names - unlike PBZone I might add - because I don't wish to make private conversations public, but I will say that I've not had any personal interactions with PBZone as yet. I didn't even know they existed before today.

I just finished watching an episode of Mr. Sterling - one in which the Senator asks an INS agent to "make a human error" to correct a human error that would ostensibly (Is that the word of the day? Am I even using it correctly?) keep a woman with a p Green Card application from re-entering the US after going to visit her dying mother in Guatemala. Her application should have been approved years prior. Sterling also makes the comment that when he was assistant DA, he prosecuted bad guys, but part of his job was looking the other way when things happened, or cutting first timers a break if they deserved it.

In short, he was making a case for being fair.

PBZone did nothing "illegal." However, they did behave like a slimy fucktard (new word of the day). As I see it, they had four major options>

  • Do absolutely nothing with the knowledge that internal stuff was publicly available.
  • Email the gentleman and say "hey, you may have accidentally posted some stuff…"
  • Email Apple and quietly inform them of the infraction.
  • Post the gentleman's name, phone number, sexual orientation, hair color, favorite cereal, last seen movie, employee number, address, college, email address, and other detailed information to the Web (y'know, for posterity's sake) and claim "hey, just doing our job."
  • They chose the route most like number 4.

    I posted a comment on Adam's site based on the conversations I had with others about PBZone. Nobody (of six or seven) believe PBZone (I'm not linking to them, no) is a "good" citizen of the Mac Web. I suggested, on Adam's site, that we should perhaps email their sponsors. An eye for an eye leaves the world blind, I realize, but then again we're not going so far as to post the owner's name, penis size, and blood type to the Web either. Get it?

    P.S. And to the gentleman who was fired, I'm sorry. What you did was wrong, and pretty damn stupid to boot. Please be rational and realize that what Apple did was correct, and what you did was wrong. Please look inside yourself to forgive the slimy fucktard at PBZone, because you've got better things to do with your time than sit around and stew about someone you may never meet or hear of again. Just let it go, enjoy college, work hard, and don't apply for an Apple job in the next five years or so.

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    1. C'mon man, new "word of the day" not "new word" of the day.

      I was making fun of myself for "...error that would ostensibly (Is that the word of the day?..."

      C'mon man, context, context!!! 🙂 Funny link, anyway.