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Sega: “We are Too Wimpy”

Sez Sega:

Sega of America today confirmed that it is pulling the entire Sega Sports lineup of games from Nintendo GameCube. The company said that it would continue to deliver high-quality 'entertainment' titles like Sonic the Hedgehog for the console.

So what's that fricking leave me with? EA? Hey Sega: not got enough balls to go up against EA? Sonic? Fuck Sonic. Heaven forbid we have a choice what sports game(s) we have to play. Say hello to the EA monopoly. >:-o

One Response to "Sega: “We are Too Wimpy”"

  1. Firstly... Sega's sports games suck. Nothing beats Madden, and nothing has ever come close to their NHL games. (except in 1997... ouch!)

    FIFA's the best soccer game, does anyone make racing or boxing games other than EA? NBA... don't know, don't care.

    But Phantasy Star Online rocks. Playing online with the Broadband adaptor... rocks.

    Super Monkey Ball 2... ROCKS. Playing that online would rock too but you can't. 🙁