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Vehicle Registration

$77.70 later, my two vehicles are now legally registered through March, 2004. I rode one of my vehicles - my scooter - to the tax collector's office just before noon to pay the fees. It was literally running on fumes - I haven't filled it up in nearly three months - and I barely made it to the gas station. In fact, I conked out a few times on the way there. It's 1/4 mile from my apartment.

There's something wholly satisfying about giving the gas attendant $2, filling up your vehicle with the highest quality gas, and having to go back in and get your change. The scooter gets over 100 MPG, and I use it frequently for short shopping trips, trips to the bank, the video store, etc. It holds 2 gallons, but that's optimistic at best. However, I routinely travel 125-150 miles between refills. $1.70 refills, that is.

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  1. When I was in Florida, I had a nice little 49cc, 1.9 HP scooter. It went 45-50 MPH and got right around 100 MPG. Florida law said that you could use a standard driver's license if your scooter was <...