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Bookie 1.1

bookieicon.gifBookie 1.1 is now available. This free update adds support for Chimera, Omn, and Mozilla, adding on to the previous Safari support. Heck, the only browser we don't really support at this point is Internet Explorer. And iCab. And Opera. And Lynx. And CyberDog. No wait, we support the last one… 🙂

The next challenge may be to figure out how to put a menu item "open all bookmarks" that opens all the bookmarks from that particular submenu. There's two approaches, as always: one is elegant and the other uses "brute force." The problem is that I'm not sure there is an elegant solution to get the represented objects of all other menu items within the same level as the chosen item. Okay, that's enough Cocoa mini-ranting for now. Go grab Bookie, enjoy.