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Foreign Languages

From Aaron, a small survey of some popular European languages:

Spanish: Everything you say makes you sound hungry.
Russian: There are 33 different ways to say, "Comrade, pass the Vodka or I shoot you."
French: Every French sentence carries the implicit connotation that you want to have sex with the person you are talking to.
German: The German word for "hello" is "Echsteinlefahrtengruber". The German translation for "Hey Hans, what say tomorrow morning we climb into our tanks and roll over Poland?" is "Hans, Poland, ja?"

5 Responses to "Foreign Languages"

  1. Erik, Iraq, ja? 🙂

  2. It's funny, but it sounds like you're taking credit for it. See

  3. Adam, I seriously doubt anyone actually thinks that.

    And anyway, you didn't even link to the original joke either. Which, btw, is: here

    Really though, what do you propose? Right before the punchline we say, oh by the way, this joke was thought up by Lewis and Don a couple years ago. I do not take credit at all for the humor one may or may not find in this joke. All rights reserved by them? 🙂

  4. I linked to another archive of rec.humor.funny (I think), so it's basically the same.

    Oh, never mind... 🙂

  5. Well, when I'm talking with friends -- especially female friends, they think about it a lot more than us males --, you can actually be sure that there is almost *always* an implicit sexual connotation.

    Funny that it seems to be limited to us French people...