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It’s My Site: I’ll Do What I Want

From the "I'll Do What I Want With My Own Damn Site and If You Don't Like It You Can Leave" file comes this:

First off, every time we post something on OSNews that isn't strictly "OS news" there are always a couple of people who post and complain about it. Note to these people: yes, I know this is off-topic, but since so many people have been interested, we're temporarily changing the name of the site to "OSNews: Exploring the Future of Computing and also 12" Powerbooks." If you don't want to read about Powerbooks, please skip to the next story. And yes, someday when two OSNews people order the same dishwasher, we will probably treat you to dueling dishwasher reviews.

OSNews has done two reviews on the 12" PowerBooks lately. Eugenia nitpicked weird details, missing out on the big obvious "yay" things, and once again bitched about the LCD quality. I've yet to read this review, because I just want my damn PowerBook. Where is it? I wonder when I'll get it…

5 Responses to "It’s My Site: I’ll Do What I Want"

  1. >Eugenia nitpicked weird details

    Details that matter to me.

    >missing out on the big obvious "yay" things

    Like what? I mentioned all the good things about the powerbook.

    And I am sending this from my XP box, because I had to put my Powerbook at sleep cause I can't keep it on my lap anymore, it _burns_.

  2. Details that matter to you, yes, and I nitpick too. See my recent posts on the lack of consistency in the Mac OS itself. Nitpicks, yep. It wasn't a judgment - just a statement of fact.

    The obvious "yay" things? The availability of a portable G4 capable of burning DVDs and weighing less than 5 lbs with bluetooth, AirPort Extreme, etc. All of that is "awesome" and very "yay."

    I traded in a 15" PowerBook (500 MHz) for this one. I consider it a pretty even trade (I get a nice discount). They're pretty speedy little buggers. Hot, speedy little buggers.

  3. How in gods earth did you trade in your g4 500? At a local retailer?

    The hot powerbook has saved my ass on many a winter's day when the train ran out of power and I am stuck in the middle of nowhere... but not freezing! Would I prefer it cooler? Sure.

    LCD: Huh? I've seen many a laptop LCD in my time and the PowerBook's are top-notch...

    Still I am very disapointed that the 12inch PB does not have the bells and whistles of the 17inch... because I glady would have bought the absurdly titled "Faster" option if it had firewire2, backlit keyboard, etc and paid out the wazoo for it.

  4. "Traded in" = "sold on eBay and used money to buy new one."

  5. Oooh, now that I went back some entries - I do see where ya mention that... sorry for the pointless question.