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Safari Updates

safari_window_tiling.gifSafari was updated today, and while it contains a lot of fixes and features (like being able to drag and drop text, a longer than 30-second timeout [I think]), support for XML and 96 dpi stuff [it seems]), perhaps one of the best features is that it now tiles properly.

New windows are opened in the top left corner of my computer, and subsequent windows tile nicely downward and rightward. The previous Safari was a mess, scattering windows all over my screen almost randomly. Go David and the rest of the Safari team!

3 Responses to "Safari Updates"

  1. seems to do the standard cocoa tiling, which it has done since the beginning. Room on the bottom and right it tiles in a cascading manner. No room on either side it shifts left and right.

  2. New Safari

    New version of Safari was released today. The site's CSS now works properly, so everything is now the same (intended) size in IE, Safari, Chimera, etc. Great! The new version also gives us:

    • Dragging of selected text.

    • XML support of so...

  3. Hope that the next improvement will be the text antialias ON/OFF settings... waiting the quartz text rendering will work fine.