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My PowerBook Shipped

Yay! About two weeks instead of the "2-4" listed. Yay! I think everything I've ever ordered from Apple that's come through Taiwan has been "received after FedEx cutoff time." Hrm. But my last PowerBook actually arrived before it was shipped due to the date line. I paid for 2-day: guess I'll get it Monday?

Arrived at FedEx Ramp/TA YUAN HSIANG TW
02/13/2003 22:14

Left FedEx Origin Location/TAOYUAN CITY TW
02/13/2003 17:23

Pickup status/TAOYUAN CITY TW
02/13/2003 17:08
Package received after FedEx cutoff time

One Response to "My PowerBook Shipped"

  1. Doesn't 2 weeks actually fall square into the 2-4 listed? 🙂