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TrackBacks and AutoDiscovery

Ben has an entry here about TrackBack and auto-discovery. Overall, auto-discovery works pretty well. I don't concern myself with finding TrackBack URLs unless I notice a site didn't get pinged.

What I dislike, however, is that trackbacks aren't sent within my site. If I link to a previous article, why isn't it sent a TrackBack? Why shouldn't a reader who might stumble on to that earlier article not see that I linked to it in a later article?

(Update: This is now working as Rainer has the answer - comment out the line next if $url =~ /^$archive_url/; in /lib/MT/

P.S. So I can find this page easier, since I always seem to use the words "Internal TrackBack" to search for it, I'm adding the words "Internal TrackBack" to the entry.

4 Responses to "TrackBacks and AutoDiscovery"

  1. I've wondered this myself.

    By the way, great blog! I love to read your posts.

    I feel vindicated in my own frustrations with Aqua.

  2. One more chapter in the trackback saga

    ...One stumbling block was that MT has a built-in check to never ping the same site, as NSLog() also complains. To turn this off, go to your MT folder, find the file /Lib/MT/, and comment out line#289, which...

  3. I can never find this article with less than two searches. I should have named it more appropriately. 🙂

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