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AppleScript Issue: 10.2.4 No Help

10.2.4 didn't fix my AppleScript issue: an empty list is returned from this:

property logsFolder : "Gaia:Users:iacas:Library:Application Support:Adium:Users:iacas:Logs:"

set cutoffDate to ( (current date) - (60 * days) )

tell application "Finder"
    delete (files of folder logsFolder whose modification date < cutoffDate)
end tell

2 Responses to "AppleScript Issue: 10.2.4 No Help"

  1. Well there are no files in that folder, just folders. So you have to change that to "folders of folder..."

  2. That's great. However, had you bothered to try your own suggestion, you'd see that it works no better. The problem is that the modification date math doesn't work (it also doesn't work if you put "is before" instead of <).