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MovableType 2.6

MovableType 2.6 is now available. I've just completed (I think) the upgrade to this site. I had to reset the comment form to include the new style, but otherwise, I just wrote over old files with new files. The upgrade went pretty seamlessly.

I don't plan to use the text formatting features (I do use MTMacros, though). I already have a CC license on the site. I don't figure I'll use 'Add New Category…' or MTLink. I probably will never need to close comments, and RSD support I added to my 2.5.1. So that leaves, uhhh, Sanitize as the only thing I gain by upgrading. Hmm. At least there's now an site with some plugins. I'll keep an eye on that. Maybe. If I remember.

Yoy, I'm sleepy. :-zzz

One Response to "MovableType 2.6"

  1. The ability to switch text formatting options and use the MTTextile plugin makes me pretty darn happy.