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Safari to 47%: No says Andreessen

Says Marc Andreessen in a Wired interview:

Andreeseen: I think it's so funny that Apple comes out with a new browser in 2003. Where were you guys six years ago? I wish them the best, but it's not as if you're about to see Safari go from 0 percent market share to 47 percent.

I think Safari can reasonably easily capture 47% of the Mac OS X browser market share. If he means across platforms, of course not. If he means across all Mac systems, he's still correct. But that's exactly why this is a poor quote: we have no idea what he means.

One Response to "Safari to 47%: No says Andreessen"

  1. The article also got the fact that 'Mosaic' wasn't the first web browser wrong... The first browser was called 'WorldWideWeb' and was written by Tim Berners-Lee.