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Going Down?

flirt_sm.jpgHad to blog this one before I forgot about it (even though it took me long enough). Originally seen here on Vinay's blog, the image to the right is nothing more than a simple advertisement for vodka. The man is having a glass, enjoying himself, and looking at the stars.

Or at least that's what you think… until you look beneath the swing and between his legs. Ahhhhhhh. Does she come with the bottle?

Frankly, it's not something I particularly care for (vodka or, uhhh, what the hell, it's my blog dammit: getting head). I'd much rather cuddle up on the couch and play nibble-ear or something. Unfortunately, given my self-inflicted "ban of women until April 2003," the only candidate for that is my dog Flint, so you can bet your ass that ain't happenin'.

One Response to "Going Down?"

  1. A week or so ago I posted an entry about a vodka ad that showed a guy getting head. Well, that's not the only such ad in existence. Check this shit out! The ads shown on that page (one is to the right, here) show very clearly a girl giving a guy a blow...