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Lameass Guys

All too often, I could lump myself into this group. Men, that article surmises, are turning into pussies. Frankly, I'm comfortable with myself, and I bond with people very quickly, but a very small percentage of people in the world. Actually, I'd consider it a normal amount; I just have stronger feelings from having learned to trust my gut. I'm open, I'm honest, and I talk about anything and share anything. That's not necessarily what the article talks about, per se, but it's the other side of the same leaf a lot of the time.

My friend Crystal got a hoot out of that link, really, because during our "Naked Weekend" I initiated a "relationship" talk - basically, she was worried that I'd get attached if we fooled around, that sort of thing, and I had to assure her that I would take it to mean nothing more than that we're just a teensy bit closer as friends than we were before. I'm happy to report that's all that's happened. B-)