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iPhoto for Windows

From the "Gee, this can't be legal" files comes:


Find out more here. I've sent an email to (update: it bounced back).

30 Responses to "iPhoto for Windows"

  1. You've obviously never visited They offer working versions of "Safari" for windows called aquaMail, an aqua-controls set for windows, "aquaMail", "aquaFinder", "iTalk" and aqua volume along with a boatload of Apple icons and wallpapers :O


  2. oops the safari one is named AquaBrowser 😉

  3. I have a friend in Apple legal... Let's watch the fur fly. 😉

  4. If this "iPhoto for Windows" really runs on Windows why do all of the screenshots look like they're running on a Photoshop faked version of OS X? Have they created a "Finder for Windows" as well?

  5. Ah, should have visited Clint's link before I said that--evidently it requires that AquaXP thing. I suppose it's an obvious question, but I'll ask it anyway: why go to this much trouble to avoid buying a Mac? Truly bizarre...

  6. Funny, where do I get Windows XP gummy UI for my Mac? Oh wait, nobody would want it.

    This is just really really pathetic.

  7. I don't have a friend in Apple Legal, but I have a friend on the iPhoto team. I too passed the URL along and mentioned as well. Hopefully we will get to see just desserts served up!

  8. Why you all playa hatin? I would think you would want all things Mac to get all over the place, have people loving it and want the stuff. I am using some of the aqua xp stuff. I cant wait til they are done. I like using my PC but theres alot I wish they would change. I just like the gui of Mac better than PC. Why do I need to buy a new computer just to get a different look?

  9. Because otherwise you're breaking the law.

  10. petrilli, you can get the gummy XP UI for OS X right here:

    Can't fault Max though, I love his Rhapsodized theme.

  11. funny...deleting posts...hmmm

  12. People pretending to be "Steve Jobs" and saying the stupid shit that's been said on this thread lately, yeah, I have deleted some. Get over it Mr. Anonymous Jackass.

  13. Your apple fanatistics are really wretched. Someone has cloned your baby called "Mac OS X". Everyone calls the big daddy called "Apple Computer, Inc." and cries to him: "They have cloned our baby! Sue them!".

    Don't you know that a clone is not the original and that this clone is only based on the look? Our Windows modding will never reach Mac OS X at 100%, but it can bring us a better looking GUI because we all don't like the Windows look...


    Developer of "xAbout" and "xHotSpot".

  14. Gee, except that what the iPhoto for Windows people have done is grossly illegal.

    I don't personally give a shit about schemers or themers, but going and ripping off trademarked name(s) is going too far. It's not even remotely legal. Apple has a legal obligation to protect their trademarks. Failure to do so can result in termination of the trademark. Duh.

    I'll decide whether to delete your comment later. I don't like non-factual FUD and name-calling, and hey, it's my blog.

    P.S. Duh, your "website" is currently showing nothing but phpinfo(). Might wanna fix that.

  15. 'Because otherwise you're breaking the law.'

    Oh nooo (sarcasm). I think Apple care more about trying to get a fair share of the market rather than closing down small sites. I am one of these programmers that makes Aqua apps for windows and I dont see anything with it, I couldnt care less If I infringe 'trademarks' because I do it every day when I download MP3's. Thing is Im afraid Apple cant control us cloning your programs.

  16. I have just read the most pathetic set of comments about IPhoto from, presumably, Mac users. I am off to find IPhoto for Windows!

  17. does not work on the dutch win xp

    2 bad


  18. This legal argument really is quite tenuous.

    OK, I'll admit that Apple may have a case against the developers of "iPhoto for Windows".

    Fair enough, it's a copyrighted title.

    However, when it comes to all the other Aqua apps for windows, I really don't see what the problem is.

    A: There is going to be NO code theft by the developers.

    B: It's free, so the developers aren't even making money on it.

    C: It runs on a totally different platform.

    Apple aren't going to be losing money by downloading windows apps, especailly when you consider that most PCs users are not about to start using Macs "because they look nice"!

    This seems to be the basis for objections to Aqua-Apps.

    It looks like OS X, but it's not OS X!!

    NextStep/AfterStep/LiteStep are ALL capable of looking and behaving like OS X or OS 9 for that matter.

    What you gonna do?

    Sue them too?!

    What about Winmac?

    Provides a Finder-like interface that can mimic OS 8/9/X Server/X.

    Gonna shut them down because PC users like that Mac interface?

    Once you accept that PC users are not going to change platform, your argument falls over.

    In fact, it could be argued that more people are more likely to buy Macs having experienced something like the interface they run.

    Personally, I run OS X on my mac, nut I have to use a PC in work (antiquated network running IPX)

    I hate the PC interface, and so make it "more mac".

    Fair enough?....


  19. What a bunch of wankers. LOL I love the "I know such and such and I am gona tell". Yet all the Aqua apps can still be found. Some sites are still up and going strong. You people cheat on your spouse or lie on your taxes and God know what. And yet lol you pat your self on the back thinking you did something great. There are FAR GREATER things in this world you can help or change yet you wont.

  20. que bola de ridiculeces, le voy a decir a papa steve jobs , como si fueran a ganar algo con eso.

    grupo de babosos.... le revienta que uno pueda tener las porquerias de mac gratis y ellos no

  21. I would like to say that I agree with all of you. It is true some applications made for Mac made their way to Windows. I do respect Mac for their hard work, they are just trying to survive.. Windows is still more powerfull I love windows cause you can do anything with it, I use Mac cause it's efficient. For those babies that cry that some application are making their way to Windows... shut the hell up... man if developers are spending time writting some application for Windows...

    You guys make me sick... I am going to tell Steve that! I am going to report this to Steve!

    Man he doesn't care about you, he cares about you bling bling$$$$...

    Peace to iPhoto and other applications

  22. why do people think iphoto is here? because people want to have their pcs looke like macs. as soon as people find out about the functionality of macs only being on macs they will stop using pcs and start using macs. mac os x is way more powerful than windows and you can run windows xp on a mac but not vice versa. aquacontrols and aqua-apps are pretty much just ads for osx.

  23. Well your wrong thier now because the new Panther allows PC Hardware! and how can you say Mac is more functional nothing works for Mac which is why I got a PC more compataible but Its got a Mac theme because it looks nice but id never use a mac because I prefer WIndows

    to all those people who think its sad give me a f***in break! Some people seriously need to grow up out of the name callin

    Anyway most of the Aqua Apps have been banned Apple didnt like them because the colour scheme MacOSX uses is copyrighted (Aqua) only Apple would copyright a colour

    Apple done the usual stop or we will sue because of course they will stop who can take on Apple!

  24. Hi guys?can one of you tell me where a can get the famous iPhoto for windowns xp,cuz every body is talking about it,a want to try it,tnx

  25. What LCD monitor is that in the picture?

  26. That's a formac display.

  27. I have found a program for windows that look just like iPhoto. It does all the same things and it's available on It's called HiMedia 1.10 by JicSoft. It's amazing. Ya I want to buy a mac too, but this is a program to hold you over, without going nuts.

  28. I've been waiting for a few months to buy a photo program for use on my Windows machine. I'm sure you can tell I'm no fancy hard-core programmer -- or whatever. I do have an IPod & enjoy using ITunes. I like the look & interface, -- and was hoping to have something similar to use with my photos. But looking at all the recent coverage of the new IPod with photos, -- its not looking to me like Apple will be releasing IPhoto for Windows like they did for ITunes anytime soon. And so now I'll give in and go ahead and buy an Adobe product for around $100. So $100 to Adobe instead of Apple. I wonder how many more people are like me. I'd wager a lot. And I can't seem to come around to the point of view that Window's users will ever really change over to Apple, -- or vice-versa for anything related to this type of computer functionality. Holding back IPhoto for Windows will only lead to the adoption and loyalty of Window's users to other software. And even though I see an inevitability of the ILife products one day being available on the Windows platform, -- at that point I'll already have adopted other software, -- of which I won't want to switch at that point. Rather I'll keep on dishing out my cash for updates of the software I've grown use to. Cash that won't be going to Apple. As a matter of fact, -- if the ILife products aren't available for Windows in the next couple of years, -- I'll probably switch out my use of Apple for my tune playing and organization in favor of something more compatible with my other media programs. So as you can tell, -- I think Apple is making a huge mistake, -- and as a shareholder I'll possbily sell my stock soon.

  29. It's very funny because Apple is a hardware company. They are in the business of selling hardware. Of course if the software is available for windows then people wont buy mac for double the price of an i386. Why do you think you can't run MAC on an i386 platform but you can run xp on MAC? Not because a MAC is so much more powerful, because they want to sell you hardware. Microsoft on the other hand is a software company and wants to be compatable with Apple. Apple is terribly over priced, and lacks a lot of features that Microsoft will be releasing in Vista, as well as what is already available in XP. Don't fool your self, I use both and the winner for value over performance is obvious. Computers are changing, lifestyles are changing, Apple isn't going to be able to survive on just music and photo's for long, I hope they change their ways a little and start moving on to some of the better more desirable technologies that are available before people start realizing that it's simply not worth it. Why would I pay 400$ for an MP3 player when I can get a MP3/usb hard disk/video player/photoviewer with a compact flash drive/that can record audio and TV and has a built in speaker for 50$ more? Sorry to get off the subject of iphoto, but if I could get it for windows I would use it, but it wouldn't stop me from buying a mac because I can't afford another one anyway. I am however looking into buying another small form factor PC for my living room to use as a BeyondTV Link Computer, shouldn't run me more that $350.

  30. we're supposed to believe that this crap is an iphoto for windows? silly waste of time