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Outperforming Current Intel Stuff

Says the Microsoft Slut Robert Scoble:

Well, I've had some sneaks behind the scenes (not official ones, though). Apple has some cool stuff coming this year to be sure -- including some desktop machines that are outperforming current Intel stuff.

Incidentally, I only call him a slut because he never seems capable of saying anything bad about Microsoft. He's called me an OS X slut, but his case doesn't hold much water. I've found many things to criticize lately, even if they are small things. I'll have a longer "slut" post later, probably. His comments aren't working currently.

4 Responses to "Outperforming Current Intel Stuff"

  1. Scoblemania

    Yikes. After going through my 'Technology' grouping in NetNewsWire, which includes RSS feeds for 34 different weblogs and news sites, every link that I called up as 'probably worth babbling about' was from Robert Scoble.

  2. Obviously you missed my comments about SmartTags:

    I do take on Microsoft on occassion. The reason I don't more often is that's why Slashdot exists, no?

    It's more fun to run against the crowd. I don't know a single person who doesn't work at Microsoft who doesn't stick up for them.

  3. Obviously I missed a comment you made nearly TWO years ago. Going back to June of 2001, eh? C'mon man. That's pretty lame. And SmartTags was something _everyone_ railed against. Big whoop.

    The point is that you're not objective. You don't present the bad with the good.

    I was interviewed at Microsoft, I've worked with and have been paid by Microsoft. I like the people I worked with and speak with them regularly. The Mac BU is a good group fo guys. I don't bash MS mercilessly for no real reason. I also don't blindly support Apple, and that's what you're guilty of: blind support of MS with nary a mention of their many illegal, wrong, bad, or stupid moves. You're not objective.

    Thassit, man. I was going to post a longer response, but frankly, it ain't worth the time. I don't know that I've been called an Apple apologist anywhere - I ain't - but I've seen that "a" word associated with you more than a few times in the past few days.

    I'll still read your blog cuz it's got some stuff I might overlook. I like technology, not just Apple-made stuff. But the fact remains that I think you're a bit of an MS Slut: all sizzle, no steak. All good, no bad. Objectivity ain't a bad thing, man.

  4. "I don't know a single person who doesn't work at Microsoft who doesn't stick up for them."

    I live in Seattle, and I know lots of people who don't work for MSFT and don't "stick up for them". Hell, I know several who DO work for MSFT and criticize the shit out of their company.