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I am testing out Jive with the Swedish Chef (Valley Girl was disappointing) option. Let's see how this comes out, ok? As a test, here's what it generated from a previous post...

Inceedentelly, I ounly cell heem a sluot becuose-a he-a nefer seems cepeble-a ouff seying unyzeeng bed ibuout MEEcrusufft. He-a's celled me-a un OuS X sluot, buot hees cese-a duesn't huld muoch veter. I'fe-a fuound muony zeengs tu criticeeze-a letely, ifee-a iff zeey ire-a smell zeengs. I'll hefe-a a lunger "sluot" pust leter, prubebly. HEEs cumments iree-a't vurkeeng cuorrently.
Burk Burk Burk!

(Update: I've since removed it. It was a passing curiosity, and its time has passed.)