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I have named my new 12" PowerBook "Yow." It's a play on the Yao (Ming/Verne Troyer) commercial, and also indicative of my reaction when I saw the MWSF keynote address. My desktop remains "Gaia" (my world is on the thing - and the backup is "Monde" - French for the same thing, roughly). My external LaCie is still named Cyclops (it has a single, weird blue eye). Previous computers include Shania and Sandra, QuickSilver (my 15" PowerBook - before the Quicksilver towers were introduced), and likewise.

6 Responses to "Yow"

  1. I have a friend who likes to name all of his Macs after disasters--"Hindenburg," "Titanic" and so forth. He named his new G4 iMac "Jude," after the patron saint of lost causes. This could go a long way toward explaining some of the problems he has.

    My own Powerbook, sadly, still bears the moniker "Macintosh HD."

  2. …in other news, it was reported today that Mac users, revolting against the idea of any form of media retaining its original name, mercilessly slaughtered one Buzz Anderson, former living Mac user and former proud owner of a computer named "Macintosh HD." Buzz is survived by his two children "Child 1" and "Child 2" and his loving wife.

  3. Dual G4 (Sawtooth) - (Anna Kournikova)

    PowerCenter 120 - (Sandra Bullock)

    Pentium 200 (OpenBSD) - (Kylie Minogue)

    Fairly simple and none of them begin with the same letter so there are no conflicts when tab completing.

  4. I use to name my computer and partitions name of robots or computer in science fiction films :

    Colussus form Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970)

    Nomad form Star Trek, original series

    R2-D2 from ... that small movie Star something 😉

    Robot (Danger Danger Will Robinson) from Lost in space

    I did change them sometime but those were my favorite.

  5. I'm jealous! I want a 12" PB!

    But since we appear to have a thread on computer naming, I'll share mine. FreeBSD Box - Banana. Crappy PC that I run w98 on just in case I need it some day - Edison. My Power Mac Dual 867 - ShinySr. iBook/800 - ShinyJr. (iBook's AirPort BS - ShinyNet). There were stories behind these, but I forgot them. 🙂

  6. Star Trek ship names, myself ...

    Odyssey, Equinox, Pegasus, and Dauntless are my currently active ones.

    Yes, I'm dorkier than all of you. 😀