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Climbing: A 5.8- Day

So, being Thursday, Gabe and I went rock climbing. Gabe exceeded his previous abilities and did a 5.9 today - very impressive. It looked much tougher than he made it look after climbing it, that's for sure. I failed to get up some of the 5.8's I did previously - it was hot, and on one occasion I simply didn't trust my right shoulder to not freak out if I leaped for a grab.

I need to install some kind of bar to do pullups and things. Every sport I've played to this point has been a lower-body sport. Catherine two days ago told me I had "super sexy" legs and eyes, and while that may be true, those may be the only admirable things about me. 🙂 I need to start doing some pullups. My upper body strength - arms and fingers specifically - has always been quite weak. Even golf is a lower-body sport. Baseball, hockey, soccer - lower body sports, all of them.

Regardless of any "excuses" I might make up, I'm disappointed in myself.