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MT 2.6.2 and Comments

MovableType 2.6.2 seems to be stripping the smileys from my blog's comments. Just the comments - they work fine in my regular posts:

O:-) >:-o 😐 😀 :-O 🙁 B-) 🙂 😛 😉 :-zzz

I'm not sure what's going on there: comments are set to "Convert Line Breaks" by default, HTML is turned off, auto-link URLs is on, and…

I'm using Brad Choate's MTMacros to transform a simple colon-dash-parenthese into this: :-).

Anyone have any ideas???

7 Responses to "MT 2.6.2 and Comments"

  1. From the list of new features: "Sanitize, for cleaning up visitor-submitted data (thanks to Brad Choate)." Perhaps this is converting entities in comments in such a way that it breaks your smiley macros.

  2. It may be, but the documentation for Sanitize ( ) doesn't say much about things with colons, parentheses, semicolons, and dashes.

    I tried turning "Convert Line Breaks" off (setting it to "None") but that didn't help either. Hmm.

  3. My guess is Sanitize too. Try setting sanitize="0".

  4. 😉 Sanitize strips out img tags.

  5. But you can override the defaults to allow img tags

  6. I've now set sanitize="0", but I think that's silly.

    MTMacros should be applied after "sanitization" which would skip any colon-dash-paren (to make a smiley) because it's not HTML. Thus, _my_ HTML - which doesn't need to be sanitized unless I'm a moron who can't write a simple img tag - is being sanitized.

    In other words, the process _should_ be: sanitize, then apply macros. How can I do this? I'm not pleased with sanitize="0" because that turns of all sanitization.

  7. I've now set comments to allow some HTML tags and put img in the list of allowed tags. I'm not comfortable not sanitizing: people could have put PHP scripts in or something.