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My PowerMate

powermate.jpgI got a $50 Apple Store gift card recently, and I bought a 5-pack of DVDs (still a few West Wings to go, and a new one every week) and a Griffin Technology PowerMate. I didn't see the use for it, but so many people said "it works great, try it" that I took the plunge (is getting something for free "taking the plunge"?).

I've already set it to scroll through my NNW list, and the click and long-click both press the "return" key - opening the article in Safari. I've set it to scroll through Web pages more slowly than my mouse's scroll wheel. I left the iTunes and system (volume control) behavior alone. I'm not interested in the Unsanity CeePeeYou thing.

So now, uhhh… what do I do with this thing? 😛

7 Responses to "My PowerMate"

  1. Well, that's what I told you a week ago. 🙂

  2. Why don't smileys work in comments now? 😐

  3. Arkanoid?

  4. Any chance i can have it then..? Or buy it from ya.?

  5. play, or any other arkanoid clone.

  6. I've long wondered why people dumped so much time into their PCs, modding the cases with glow lights and cable wraps and LEDs and so...

  7. give me a feedback it this thing work with my game..