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Trista Picks Ryan

I'm a romantic guy at heart, so I was glad to see the slickster Charlie, as good as he seemed, chucked to the curb. I can't imagine what his dating life will be like for the next few months - women will be throwing themselves at him, and that's not a good thing if you're looking for more than quick sex. I think Trista made the right decision, but then again, I also realize that reality shows are about as "un-reality" as reality can be. Or tries to be. On television.

If I were ever on a reality show, man, I'd make as much money in the aftermath as possible. I'd whore myself out to any talk show, I'd go everywhere, I'd sign book deals, whatever. Then when my 14.5 minutes of fame are over (the last 30 seconds comes when you're dead, I figure) I'd put the money in a bank and live off the interest.

30 Responses to "Trista Picks Ryan"

  1. Trista definitely made the right decision in choosing Ryan. She is an excellent judge of character. Although Charlie was cute and all, he wasn't husband material. Ryan reminds me of my husband. A Ryan comes along maybe once in your lifetime. Trista, always treat him right and be patient. As you even said, he's such a sensitive soul. What a great couple.

  2. ryan and trista should use the song, DREAMING, by YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, for their first dance as husband and wife.

    - just a thought from a kindred spirit, if they happen to see this.

  3. Trista, your darling of televised romance, has found true love with her poetry writing prince Ryan. They are both fortunate in an unconventional setting that they were able to create a magical connection.

    But wait just a minute.

    This couple has absolutely no humility or grace whatsoever.

    The fact that Trista and Ryan would accept about a million dollars to have a "dream wedding" is absolutely sickening. It was obvious in the episode when Trista showed her true colors when she was unable to hide her obvious disgust for one of the bachelor's apartments being "basic" and her undeniable haughtiness that Ryan's mother "had the same taste in clothes" as her.

    I read a bit of Trista's interview in TV Guide, where she described her need for not one, but two wedding dresses and my favorite statement by far was when she said "who would turn down the chance for someone else to pay for your wedding?"

    Try someone with a little pride.

    Let me explain to Trista what a million dollars would buy. A homeless shelter (at least).

    These two obviously feel so strongly about each other, they think no one else exists or counts in the world. Wake up Trista and Ryan, you are two of the fortunate ones. But I guess that isn't enough.

  4. Am happy for both Ryan and Trista. I also believe that she made a right choice... I jusy pray that they would JESUS right in the center of their relatioship... and end up rearing grandbabies...God bless them both

  5. I am disgusted by the whole thing.Altho Ryan seems like a real person, Trista is milking it for all it's worth. She's made the comment that her parents don't have to put out a cent for the wedding - at their age, shouldn't they be paying for it themselves?! Considering what's going on in the world today, it amazes me that "celebrities", athletes, etc.justify this - who needs a million dollar wedding?! How about making a nice donation to numerous charities?

  6. You "disgusted" ones are just jealous. They had a public courtship; they should have a public wedding. We ALL want to see them take their wedding vows! And the t.v. station that wants to air it should pay for it.

    As for using their wedding money to give to charities, that's ridiculous. You could say that about anything. How dare you buy a new car; you should give it to charity.

    They are absolutely perfect for each other; total opposites in many ways. You have to hand it to Trista for seeing that and not choosing Charlie. She'd probably dated that type her whole life. I wish them all the best in their marriage, in raising their babies, and in their life together.

    God bless you both!

  7. To the person who is "sickened" by Trista and Ryan's acceptance of $1 mill to view their wedding, and Trista "needing" two dresses, why don't you just GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're just JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!! How do you know what they will do with the money??? YOU DON'T!!!!!!!!! So stop trying to be a martyr by suggesting a homeless shelter. The time it took you to type your negative criticism would have been better spent serving soup to the homeless!!!!!!! And to the one who suggested putting JESUS in the centre of their relationship - the BEST ADVICE EVER!!! Go Trista and Ryan and enjoy your dream wedding AND the money.

  8. Iam so glad that you picked Ryan. He was our favourtie from the start. Charlie and Russ were so fake yet Ryan was so sweet, sincere yet still manly. We fell in love with you both. Wish you all the best for a long and happy future together.

  9. I was so relieved when Trista chose Ryan. He is an outstanding young man. I truly hope Trista values this charming, sensitive man.

  10. I watched Trista select Ryan over Charlie last week in Australia, in mid Novemeber, 2003. I know she made the right choice. I wish we could see the wedding on Australian Televison. How can I view the wedding? Can I see it on media player on the internet live?

  11. I think Trista did the right thing about picking Ryan. I think if she had to do it again i think she will still pick Ryan. Wow Go Trista and Ryan.

  12. It has been a little over a week now since I watched the Bachelorette episode in Australia in which Ryan proposed to Trista. I was totally blown away by the experience.

    I have a thousand words and yet none to describe the overwhelming emotion I witnessed in both the sincerity and vunerability exposed by Ryan on that particular night.

    In your future together, there is a multitude of wonderful events to make up your world..don't lose sight of the fact. Fans are fickle but with your love for each other, together with family and friends, you can build an everlasting dream.

    Create your own photo album full of happy occasions that will be yours for a lifetime. Ryan you are a gorgeous, sensitive and affectionate soul. You have a beautiful smile and your eyes are one of your most attractive features. You are a hero and also humble. Trista has found in you, the very best.

    Trista, you are a stunning young lady any man should be proud to call his own. With your white dress and Ryan, babies and grandbabies.........LIVE THE DREAM!!!

    I too, would like the opportunity to view the wedding of Ryan and Trista. will this be possible in Australia?

  13. I am very happy for this couple. I pray they stay together forever, however, I do believe that Trista is going to HAVE to slow the pace down and come down to real reality. If not, she will lose Ryan.

  14. I think it is quite nauseating. I completely agree that $2 million is far excessive for the cost of a wedding. Why are they so special that they should be treated like royalty? What wonderful humanitarian deeds have they done to deserve all this? If they really LOVE eachother, the amount spent on the wedding would not matter at all. I think Trista is a selfish, pampered, spoiled brat and only loves the attention and the idea of being in the limelight. On the other hand, I think Ryan is way too down to earth for her. Hopefully, he will wake up and smell the coffee!

  15. Good job Trista and Ryan, for falling in love and making romantic love so beautiful. They remind me of me and my boyfriend, different is some way, same in others but absolutely comfortable with each other. Also kudos for having the good sense to take the million dollars and have a TV station pay for the wedding. It was absolutely a smart decision to make. Starting out your married life with financial security is absolutely a GOD sent blessing that should be appreciated.

  16. Ya'll make the CUTEST couple! I loved ryan from the start which i like charlie to but he just wasnt the one for you! Ryan so was and yall just make the CUTEST couple my boyfriend is SO much like Ryan and I love him! Good luck 2 both of you!

  17. Honestly, I was a huge fan of the Bachelorette but enough is enough. I almost vomited during the episode when Trista and Ryan were planning the wedding and Trista was picking out her Stuart Weitzman shoes, "the most expensive pair of wedding shoes ever!" I gave in to temptation and started to watch the episode taped in St. Martin and switched channels when Trista appeared in her black bikini with "Ryan's Babe" spelled out in rhinestones on her behind. Give me a break. I agree with earlier posts...this is just excessive...I'd be happier to see ABC donate $1 million to a worthy causes; education, cancer research, etc. Anything but Trista's pink wedding!

  18. i am so happy for trista and ryan. the wedding was so beautiful and wonderful. and all the people who are criticizing them for taking the money, or for having that eloborate wedding... is just plain out jealous. come on... if anyone offered YOU a million dollars to televise ur wedding... would you take it? if anyone offered to pay for your WHOLE wedding... would you take it? just because she got the CHANCE to get the most expensive shoes and the most expensive wedding, doesnt necessarily mean shes shallow. it just means that ABC has enough freaking money to put up for all of it. trista and ryan are at the center of the world right now... deal with it. sooner or later itll die out... but for now... congrats you too and best of luck

    p.s. ryan reminds me soo much of my boyfriend, and i love it!

  19. I have to admit that I was completely engulfed in watching the Bachelorette. I'm not one for reality shows but I was glued. I think Trista made the absolute BEST choice. Ryan is a good soul, true, down to earth and a genuine true person. I think Trista is an absolute beautiful girl....BUT...I have to say that the whole wedding planning episode was nauseating!!! I think her true personality colors came out during the wedding planning process.

    I'm not for or against a wedding aired on television or the fact that you accept money to marry your soulmate. I think it's a personal choice. Me, personally would not choose to share my personal day where I make a lifelong committment to my soulmate with the world but that's just my choice. To me, a wedding is a religous, personal time in your life to be shared with family and close friends.

    I don't know what disgusted me more, Trista's excessive spending or that nauseating baby-talk of hers. Who needs a 4 million dollar wedding??? Does a dollar amount of a wedding determine the amount of love between one another?

    I think Ryan is the one that is true here. His thoughts and actions show his genuine love for Trista but I think Trista's love falls in the fact of monetary value and limelight.

    I think they look very nice together as a couple and I do wish them well over the years. Trista, I hope you treat him well over the years as he is a rare jewel. Now that the flashy wedding is over, it's time to treat Ryan with the same genuine love as he has shown to you.

    The wedding is over, it's reality time Trista...will you still "love him" as much now that you're not in the limelight and the excitement is over???

  20. I agree with Tanya! Once the "reality" no more reality tv is in place how long will this marriage last??? I give it two years max!!! Also separation does NOT count as a marriage. I definately believe what bachelor Bob says (paraphrased) "When everything is first class, it's easier to fall in love."

  21. i agree with the people who say the money would be better spent on charities and homeless shelters. who needs a $4 million wedding? the whole thing seemed contrived and totally fake. ryan seems like a sweetheart, and if they truly are in love, i'm happy for them, and jealous, i admit, but i would feel so dirty taking that much money for one day. it's just excessive and silly and useless. better to spend $3,000 on your wedding and be happy than take someone's money just for the chance to have a nicer wedding. i felt like they'd sacrificed the sweetness and sacredness of a wedding just to have it on tv. and honestly, trista needs to stop with the baby talk. ryan seems so sensible until she's around, and then he lets her slobber all over him and talk like a baby and it's just sickening. she's too old for that. and people who are going to say i'm just jealous: i admit it freely. i am green with envy.

  22. I have to agree that this whole process has been an insult to our intelligance. With all the problems facing us at home and abroad we have focused on a contriving woman who has seen an opportunity to exploite the American consience. Her attitude and demeanour towards this wedding has tanted a sacred institution. Obviously by the usage of her baby talk her ability to effectively communicate is dimished. I hold no hope of a faithful marriage and I would caution Ryan to leave now.

  23. I agree that this whole process has been stupid and idiotic. Why does our society not only accept but champion somebody who obviously has no intentions in helping her fellow man. I'm wait for the episode entitled "Trista and Ryan's Divorce Trial" or "Trista and her Infidelity". I feel that she is going to continue to create circumstances in which she is the center of attention. Ryan seems to be a good soul and I'm afraid that his involvement with this halot will not only ruin him but break his spirit. When she has wasted all of her money on frivilous and meaningless possessions I fear that she may resort to other less social acceptable means to maintain the lifestyle she has become accustomed to. Her involvement with Maxim magazine has already shown her desire to "expose" herself to the public. Again, I would warn Ryan to save himself from this praying mantis.

  24. The wedding of Ryan and Trista was absolutely beautiful and why shouldn't they celebrate their love with the whole world. I'm glad I had the opportunity to be part of it. Their love I am certain is genuine even though the circumstances, exceptional. Many people have met in many different places and under unusual circumstances. I hope their love lasts forever.

    One last word...... "Something About Her" was

    absolutely the finishing touch to a perfect relationship. I am sure it will be heard at many a wedding in the future!!!

    They have my thanks for renewing my belief in love, forgiveness and all things beautiful in this world we live in.

  25. i have been watching "trista and ryan's wedding" in Singapore. and i felt that trista is very fake as in baby talk and fake laughter. This is my point of view. and ryan so sweet,faithful,loyal and sentitive towards ppl feeling i really like Him. oh well,Trista loves limelight but Ryan doesnt... BUT whatever is that let them have a blessful wedding...

  26. i think that trista and ryan ur a good couple.

    P.S. good luck on ur furture

  27. i am so happy for Ryan & Trista, they are a great example of a beautiful loving sincere you can feel it. What an amazing wedding they had and so could anyone be jealous but only happy for them. What a blessing they found each other!


  28. Just Congratulations!!

    Please make your relationship stronger and stronger everyday.

  29. Jennifer Aniston says she wants to find her soulmate, why not have her on as the next bachelorette? That way she might find her soulmate. She has 100 guys to choose from. I think it would be good for the audience and it would get high ratings. Brad Pitt might even get jealous because of all the guys after Jennifer. All the while Angelina Jolie is getting fat and having hormones running wild with mood swings. Jennifer would be at top shape and having the time of her life. I wrote this thinking it be cool to see someone , out there and so many reply she to good, to do it? I think she human and I think you both found each other , what makes her so different.I think it would bring big ratings and you both prove there can be true love.

  30. Congratulations to Trista & Ryan. Ryan is a lot like my son, Ryan, very much a man but "manly" enough to be sensitive with the woman he loves. He's engaged to a girl much like Trista. She's planning a wedding and he isn't very interested in it as long as it makes her happy. No network is paying for it but every detail means EVERYTHING to her. Isn't that the way it usually is? What man really cares about the flowers, bridesmaids dresses or anyything else about the wedding as long as his future wife has the wedding of her dreams? Trista may have gone overboard with the expensive bridal shoes, black bikini, etc., but the network may have wanted her to have those things for publicity. And what parents wouldn't want their children to begin their married lives with a million dollars for security? Would anyone tell your daughter or son to turn that down? I'd love it if my children could begin their lives with that kind of financial security! They didn't have to have such an expensive wedding. Trista could have had the wedding of her dreams compliments of the network for far less money and fans would have still tuned in. Money didn't have to be wasted as it was. But to turn down a million dollars would have been crazy! I hear Ryan is still a fire fighter? It's nice to know that money didn't change him very much. Is Trista still a Physical Therapist? It would be nice to know that the money they received opened doors for them...nice house, no car notes, good investments; but that they are still the adorable couple America fell in love with watching as they fell in love with one another.