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Dream: Me and Catherine

So I took a nap :-zzz today to try to wait for some goop in my ear (goop that was supposed to - and normally does - clean out ear wax, but has, this time, simply gelled up inside my ear or something - and no, you can't fish it out with a Q-Tip, that just packs it in more… anyway).

So I took a nap today and woke up an hour or so later having just had the strangest dream. I dream very rarely, but they say everyone dreams about the same, and if you write down your dreams or share them with people after you have them, you'll remember more. This is like my diary as well, so, here goes…

I dreamed that I was standing in a hotel room. I was next to a bed, which was right next to the window, and the hotel was either very cheesy or was set in the 1970s, because the carpet was orange and we had lime green polka dotted curtains. There was a massive amount of unused space next to the bed, and then a living room area further off - not typical of hotel rooms. Almost like a large studio apartment - maybe it was one, I can't be sure.

Across the bed from me was Catherine Zeta-Jones. She was actually still lying in bed. Cops were standing all around, but I began looking at the way the sheets and covers were arranged. On my side of the bed, they tucked in properly, and on her side of the bed, they were the opposite. So that confused me: how could sheets just "cross over" themselves and arrange themselves in a different order? I set about finding out how.

At one point I leaned over and said "by the way, you look beautiful" and she kissed me, though the instant her lips hit mine, I recall being whisked ahead about 10 seconds to actually holding up the mattress on her side to look at the order the sheets/covers were there.

The cops were asking questions, so I finally answered some of them. They had these little plastic clips that could be used to clip bed sheets together and then to the railing or the mattress. It seems Catherine had been attacked while both of us had been sleeping by a guy with a knife. She'd been stabbed several times, but I didn't awake and she had not a single wound on her, oddly enough. The cops said something about how the size of the room was about 42 square feet. Me being around 6 ft. tall, I corrected the woman and said that two of me at 90 degrees would form two sides of a square that'd be 36 square feet, so surely she must recalculate. She said "whatever" in a Brooklyn accent and left with all the other cops. I had the feeling they suspected me of committing the crime.

A minute later Catherine's cell phone rang, and I said "answer it in a manly voice!" She didn't, and by her reaction, I could tell that it was the guy who had attacked her on the phone. At that moment, her cell phone rang (her other cell phone - a blue curvy Motorola one-piece (not flip) phone) and I answered it. One of the cops voices - he sounded a lot like McGruff the Crime Dog, except his name was Frank - said "Sugarhill and Main." I said "huh?" and he said "Sugarhill and Main" again. I realized that he was telling me another person had been attacked by the same guy there.

And then I woke up.

I'm not one to analyze dreams very much, but if I was, I'd probably go more nuts trying to figure out what this one meant than the dream would indicate I am. 🙂 Needless to say, though, I got up, not wanting to actually find out what happens to the guy who slashes people without waking the people they're next to and leaving no wounds.

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