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Super Hearing

I just cleaned my ears (squirting warm water up there with one of those bulb thingies). Now I have Superman hearing. I can hear my tower fan from a few rooms away. I can hear my fingerprints rubbing against each other. I can hear the carpet scrunching under my feet as I walk around. They're really super sensitive, and it's weird. I think some of that wax has been in my ear for a decade or so judging by how much better I can hear now than I remember having heard in the past. Maybe it was just the warm water, playing tricks on my eardrums, but I doubt it. Hmmm, kind of an odd post, but it's the weekend. C'est la vie. C'est ma vie.

One Response to "Super Hearing"

  1. it seems I too have super hearing - loud cars, loud stereos, loud boats, loud people, the ceiling fan, the refrigerator, the gas oven igniting, the gas furnace in the crawl space, the well pump - THUMPING ALL AROUND - I AM GOING CRAZY. I even find myself jealous of deaf people.