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WWDC + Rendezvous + Safari

I saw this today and I immediately began trying to think of the page or files that I'd like to serve up at WWDC. I think a general "who am I" résumé should suffice: I could link to Cocoa Dev Central and Freshly Squeezed Software and this site. I could put a picture there so that people sitting near to me could come speak to me (reading name badges is difficult and somewhat awkard). Hmmm… I'm not sure what I'll do. That will be interesting. One more thing to add to the WWDC checklist.

7 Responses to "WWDC + Rendezvous + Safari"

  1. It should be a fun conference. I'm glad to hear you'll be there. 🙂

  2. Combined with iChat, sounds like very interesting things could be happening at WWDC this year. Looks like it'll be easier to meet people than what I did in 2k1: Upload text files to someone else's computer, then read it later to see if they replied:

    "Where are you sitting?"

    "I'm the guy with a Titanium, 3rd row, last seat by the wall"

    and then I'd look around to see who was looking for me.

    One more thing to factor in when I decide whether or not to go this year.

  3. MAKE IT STOP please!


    The popup thingy is just not ready for primetime if used with Safari. They come but don't go, then you can't read beneath them. Please, please either diable them or sniffer them out of use with Safari.

  4. What the hell are you talking about?

  5. Of course, that link I dragged to Safari won't work for you... hmm, maybe that's an improvement for dotMac...

    Anyway, this is what your page looks like after I've clickd about a bit:

    OK, forget that. I can't figure out how to convert a WebDAV dotMac address to a URL. I'll post the damn thing somewhere else. Try this:

  6. What I'm talking about is those popup thingies Erik has implement work poorly with Safari. They show up, but they don't go away. In a given post, after a few of them are scattered around the page, you can't read what's underneath them. Yes, refreshing the page clears the problem, yes going to another page solves the problem, but neither of those mitigate the fact that this "feature" quickly renders the text onscreen unreadable because it's covered up by these "cool" but annoying popup thingies.

  7. They go away here, and I'm leaving them in because I want to check something in the next version of Safari. Currently scrolling totally messes up their position - I want to see if that's fixed.