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Grrrr – Site Organization Favor

Okay, having goofed up something earlier, I decided to forge ahead with the new formatting. Yay. Ugh.

You are here because you tried to get to something with "" in the URL.

The document you are looking for moved. It still exists, but it was moved. Feel free to use the "Search" on the left to find it. If you want to be so kind as to let me know where you came from or what you were trying to find, I would appreciate it.

I apologize terribly for the inconvenience. My current site structure will be a good one going forward, though, and should not necessitate any future changes.

3 Responses to "Grrrr – Site Organization Favor"

  1. Updated.

    Blech, you're now making me think I'll have to do this one of these days.

    On the bright side, nobody reads me, and therefore nobody links to me. 😛

    Anyway ... I think an extra TrackBack ping might have been sent in a few of the cases ... sorry about that.


  2. Like I told you in iChat, NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! 😉

  3. oops/new archiving method

    If you use the RSS feed and just saw a few entries reappear as new, I apologize. I changed the way my archiving system works, as seen in NSLog();. I don't have many readers, and of those who do read me, half don't know what a TrackBack is, and the othe...