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Safari Gets Tabs

If this is true then I think I'm going to puke. Not only does this indicate even more custom controls (see all the recent coverage of inconsistent UI), but… Ugh. I'd rather not have tabbed browsing at all than have even more bad UI shoved
on us.


Apple, wake the hell up! >:-o

17 Responses to "Safari Gets Tabs"

  1. May as well get used to it. Apple shredded the HIG faster than Enron.

  2. That's not the attitude I choose to adopt. And Enron had a HIG?

  3. >:-o

    Well... kudos to Apple to at least give people a easy way to turn this off.

    These non-standard interface widgets are really fucking pissing me off too. Sorry for the rated R content folks, but all I want is consistency.

    I can live with brushed metal (as the main "theme", not a theme on top of a theme) and inset window manipulation buttons, if it was all just consistent. (Granted, I would replace the brushed metal, with the unstriped-aqua anyway.)

    Another knock is on the tabs themselves, perhaps it is the graphic quality - but I fail to see how those are going to standout from my bookmarks bar cleanly. Also, I am curious what they look like sans-brushed metal.

    Well, I guess Apple will just have to release this and let us submit ideas back to them. Although I am still not convinced that tabbed browser windows are good for anything other than development. (code view(s)/rendered view)*

    * (A small case can be made for bookmarking a large set of related links when you are researching a topic.)

  4. Safari also keeps its app support stuff in "~/Library/Safari/" instead of "~/Library/Application Support/Safari/"

    Why do they do this -- all the different iApps store stuff in very different places - not to mention the Prefs Keyboard shortcut.

    Don't the app teams communicate about UI?

  5. The ~/library folder is such a mess... everyone does their own thing when it comes to prefs and I have so little control to do anything about it.

  6. Metal Tab Browsing

    Erik Barzeski: If this is true then I think I’m going to puke. Not only does this indicate even more custom controls (see all the recent coverage of inconsistent UI), but… Ugh. I’d rather not have tabbed browsing at all than have ev...


    Beta of SafariSkin, the Safari theming program, which includes support to turn the metal tabs to aqua(like) tabs.

    I had another thought, and hopefully I am not out of line on this. Perhaps, in order to discourage theming, Apple has begun threading custom graphics throughout their apps. This way no themes every match properly, which I think Apple would like. It's sad that the end result of this is LESS consistency rather than more.

  8. Funny you should mention that stevos - because I am using an aqua theme that actually does go through and standardize the inset buttons, itunes controls, etc. I think it speaks volumes that I have to hack my interface to make the controls more "aqua" like.

  9. Tangent from what everyone else has been saying.

    Do the tabs seem upside down to anyone else? I look at the screenshot and I wonder what clicking another tab is going to change the address bar into.


  10. Yeah, they do, and that's part of the reason tabs are a terrible thing to use here: because they have to change the content above (the URL) and below (the web page itself) when you switch between tabs.

    L-A-M-E 😛

  11. Tabs in Safari

    Looks like the next version of Safari, Apple's web browser, is going to feature tabbed browsing, much like versions of

  12. I think you can download it [Ed: link removed. You can find it on /. today though].

  13. That and the other screenshots look kind of dodgy. Check out the awfully convenient placement of the tabbed Browsing option in their Debug menu shot.

  14. Safari tabs, Opera crap

    PerversionTracker makes an excellent case against Opera, while tabbed browsing rumours emanating from ThinkSecret smell kind of fishy.

  15. Regarding the ~/Library directory: A few months ago I was writing some code for a cross-platform Perl app so that it would store preferences in the correct place for each platform. I use Linux myself, so I know what to do there. But finding documentation that would tell me the correct place to put the prefs files on OS X was very difficult, and there was some discussion about what we should do. We came to a decision, but I don't think we had any authoritative source telling us what to do.

    If it's any consolation, Windows was even worse.

  16. It's very real, and it's very bad. It was so bad my dog puked this morning (relieving me, by proxy, of my obligation).

  17. Skinning Safari

    In an otherwise slow news day (apparently, Apple has an MPEG-4 Video Gallery and it’s cool), Chris points out another Safari mockup for dealing with multiple web pages in a single window. Looking at all the available pictures, I just...