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Bagel Humidor

I need a bagel humidor or something. Do they exist? I like to eat bagels, so I buy a baker's dozen every week (from Einstein Brothers Bagels). I bought a bread box, but that keeps the bagels "fresh" for all of a day. After three, they're quite hard. Freezing them has the same effect - they dry out. I even tried putting a glass of water in the bread box hoping it'd saturate the air in there with evaporated water. It's 30 minutes round trip, so it's not a trip I want to make daily. Nor would I get the "dozen discount" or get to use my punch card.

What to do, what to do…

7 Responses to "Bagel Humidor"

  1. Have you tried the fridge yet?

  2. They'll dry out there as well. That's just as bad as the freezer.

  3. Eat the bread, before three days has passed?

  4. 4-6 bagels a day? Yikes!

  5. Here's what I do when my bagels get hard/stale.

    1) Take the bagel and put it on a plate

    2) Take a paper towel and fold it in half

    3) Drizzle a little bit of water on the paper towel so it's not drenched, but is damp

    4) Place the damp paper towel over the bagel

    5) Put the bagel in the microwave for 45 secs or a minute

    Now you've got a bagel that is rehydrated and good for toasting. Just eating plain my be rough as it will be a little rubberier than a fresh bagel.

    I use this technique for reheating rice (usually of the fried variety) and pasta.

  6. You don't even necessarily need to go through the whole wet paper towel rigamorale. I find that simply microwaving the bagel for 15 or 30 seconds is enough to soften it up. It is a bit rubbery, but still pretty good, and the difference will be unnoticable if you toast it. Now about that lox cream cheese…

  7. Your first mistake is buying them from Einstein. I mean, I know you must live far from NYC, but do you at least have a Costco in the area?
    I too believe that microwaving is horrible for bagels. As I sit here in my office with 2 from H&H from the fridge and no toaster, I'm weighing my options.....