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Bare Bones Now Officially Sucks

I wouldn't go so far as chandler on IRC put it, but the fact that Bare Bones Lite is now discontinued does kind of suck. The fact that TextWrangler, its $49 replacement, is what BBEdit Lite was but now costs money, sucks a little more.

I use BBEdit (not Lite) every day. I've used it every day for the past, ohhhh, thirty seven years or so. It's well worth it. Interesting economics at play here, I guess. Good luck BareBones.

3 Responses to "Bare Bones Now Officially Sucks"

  1. BBEdit Lite didn't support syntax coloring or FTP; TextWrangler does.

  2. when bad things happen to good Mac developers

    "BareBones Software": is discontinuing BBEdit Lite in favor of the $49 Text Wrangler. I am not happy. Neither is "Erik

  3. Wanted to clear one thing up: I don't think Bare Bones sucks - I got that comment from a chap on an IRC channel. It's a parody of their "BBEdit: It Still Doesn't Suck" slogan. Personally, I think they're doing some awesome work. I think BBEdit Lite was...